Bank Loan fast 1000 – 50.000 USD

Bank Loan fast 1000 – 50.000 USD


Bank is part of the Group operating in the Nordic countries. They offer a bank loan without collateral from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000.

Bank is one of the loan services that you can compete through our service. You can apply for a new loan or, for example, re-bid for an old loan and see if you could get a lower interest rate on the previous one.

A bank loan is also ideal for combining loans, where you apply for a larger loan and pay off the smaller loans previously.

Bank loan in brief:


  • Bank loan online 1000 – 50.000 euros
  • The payment period is 1-12 years
  • The loan service age limit is 23 years
  • Combine the loans with a cheap bank loan
  • You will get the loan completely without any collateral or guarantors
  • Our service competes with Bank and 30 other loan providers in one application
  • Asking for loan offers is completely risk-free. It costs nothing and does not bind the applicant to anything.
  • You will always receive a personalized quote
  • Example Calculation: A loan is a one-time loan with an effective annual interest rate of 13.48% calculated on a $ 10,000 loan with an 8 year payment option. In addition to the annual interest rate of 11.90%, the effective annual interest rate includes the Good Finance 3-month reference rate -0.34% (1.7.2019), the loan opening fee of $ 95 and the account management fee of $ 5 per month. The monthly installment for $ 10,000 credit is $ 167.46 / month, totaling 96 installments. The total cost of credit and credit is $ 16,074.76.

Who Can Get a Bank Bank Loan ?


Bank always makes the final loan decision for each applicant based on the information they provide. So always check that the information in your application is correct. Incorrect or incomplete information can easily lead to the application being rejected.

However, the applicant must first satisfy the following conditions in order for Bank to accept the application:

  • Age at least 23 years
  • Finnish citizen
  • Sufficient repayment capacity
  • Regular income (Gross income over $ 800 on loans under $ 3,100 and at least $ 1,300 on loans over $ 3,100)

You can get the best chance of getting a loan by applying for a loan through Bank. You reach around 30 loan providers, so even if you do not get a loan from Bank, there is a good chance that some other loan service can offer you an offer.

You are free to choose any offer you receive, but you also have the full right to reject any offer you receive.

Repayment of the loan


It is a good idea to always check the exact loan repayment plan for any loan offers you receive. The payment plans offered by the lenders may differ and it is therefore important to familiarize yourself with them before accepting the offer.

Remember to always ensure and calculate your own solvency so that you can pay off your loan on time. If you have any problems with your repayment, you should immediately contact the customer service department of the loan company to arrange an agreement with them.

You should never leave your bills unpaid, as you will be charged unnecessary interest and costs.