How to pay debt-Do you want to know how to get off the list?

How to pay debt-Do you want to know how to get off the list?

In Spain, when the users of mobile telephony services, when they refused to pay any fee for considering it unfair, they were threatened with being included in a file of defaulters.
Here not only include users with debts to telephone companies but all kinds of debts, loans, loans of individuals. If, on occasion, you have been involved in a problem of this type, you may be on this blacklist or defaulters.
It is true that this debt may be due, as in the case of the telephone, to invoices with very small amounts and that are the result of a disagreement with the issuer of that invoice. There are other databases of this type, such as the RAI (Unpaid Acceptance Record). This other is also a place in which they register those companies that have debts mainly bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes, that is, debts usually accepted between companies and have not taken over them.
In this post you have everything you need to know if you are in Asnef.

What is the file?

Basically, they serve to assess the solvency of a person or entity. If, for example, we are going to request a loan from the bank and we are included in this type of file, the bank will doubt our solvency, since we have a debt that we have not paid. Most likely, in this case, is that they do not grant us the loan or even other banking services, such as a credit card.

What does it mean?

The acronym ASNEF refers to the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. That said, it is not entirely clear to what exactly this Association is dedicated, so we will explain it in other words. Basically, ASNEF is a file of defaulters.

How to know

To be included in ASNEF, you do not need to be an insolvent, bad payer or large defaulter. It is enough not to pay an invoice of the mobile or a requirement of payment of one euro, since there is no minimum limit and with which the company that tries to collect denounces the case to ASNEF or EQUIFAX, informing of the data of the defaulter.
According to the Law, we must be notified that we have been included in the ASNEF up to thirty days after the registration. From here, the affected has the possibility to pay for thirty days the debt incurred, being removed from the file in ten days. If he does not, and as we have said, he will be declared a debtor for six years.
If the debt is subsequently settled, it will be the same debtor who must communicate it to both companies, providing the relevant proof of payment, so that they can exclude him.

Make the consultation Online

In the case of not having notification, you can contact Equifax (company that manages the ASNEF database), and request a consultation of your data via email or fax.

How to get out of a list of defaulters?

How to get out of ASNEF

Although there are mechanisms to protect against these cases, the truth is that if you do not pay off the debt you can be, in the case of ASNEF, up to six years in these lists. That is, six years where our financial capacity will be suspected. Hence, many companies threaten this type of action, and hence many customers prefer to pay and then claim, instead of not paying the amount and risk being for years as a doubtful payer.



In the ASNEF, a company can enter although it has not recognized the debt. This is the main difference with the RAI. The latter focuses on the non-payment after having intervened in the process a document such as the bill of exchange, a check or a promissory note. That is, at some point in the payment process, the company recognized another through one of these documents its obligation to pay the amount referred to them. And then he did not pay, so he is reported and included in the RAI.



In the ASNEF, however, an invoice is enough. If I issue this invoice and I am not paid, the one who does not pay can go to this other file of defaulters, regardless of whether the debt is recognized or not. In other words, and to understand each other, it could be said that the one included in the RAI is more likely to be delinquent than the entity that is in ASNEF, because in the latter case there is the possibility that the debt demanded is not fair. . As individuals, we are often denied financial services in traditional banking by being on these lists. Thanks to Jake Barnes, you can for example finance your car with asnef and without payroll.

Can you exit or delete the data from this list without paying the debt?

Actually, this question has already been answered. As long as it is not paid, the data of the company or person will not be eliminated from the ASNEF, as we have previously commented, this incidence can last up to 6 years. Until a few years ago, companies and people have depended almost 100% of bank loans to finance themselves. This situation has changed a lot, with the growth of entities and alternative financial solutions that do not take into account the ASNEF, so that today it is possible to find financing beyond whether or not it is included in this file. Something easy to understand, especially for people who are in it simply for not having paid a phone bill with which, perhaps, you do not agree or is due to an error of the issuer itself.