Baidullah Khan’s sister detained for extortion

Tinsukia: In a major development, Dibrugarh Police on Saturday arrested Saira Begum, sister of Baidullah Khan of Dibrugarh, who was arrested in connection with the Vineet Bagaria suicide case, accused of extorting money from a woman and forcing her to sell one of her kidneys to repay the loan amount with interest.

The victim, Meenu Begum, had borrowed an amount of Rs 1 lakh from Saira Begum in installments for his son studying at Kaziranga University.

The development comes days after the house of the accused Baidullah Khan was demolished by the Dibrugarh district administration for violating standards.

Raju Bahadur Chetry, Officer in Charge of Dibrugarh Police Station said, “Based on a complaint from a Meenu Begum from Mulukabasa in Dibrugarh, we have arrested Saira Begum under several sections of the IPC.”

In her complaint, the victim told police that she had borrowed money from Saira Begum, Baidullah Khan’s younger sister, with interest. “The defendant later threatened her and suggested that she either go into a ‘prostitution business’ or sell her ‘kidney’ to pay off the loan,” Chetry said.

“At that time, the victim had already returned around Rs 2 lakh with interest, but the lender’s family was not satisfied and demanded more money,” he added.

Chetry said, “While Saira Begum threatened her for months in 2020, the victim left with no other option, went all the way to Kolkata and sold her left kidney for Rs 3.5 lakh and handed over all the money in Begum. She also named Baidullah Khan, Samsullah Khan and Saira Begum in the police complaint.

Police registered a case (418/22) under section 341/387/294/506/34 IPC r/w section 14(2) Assam Micro Finance Institution (Regulation of Money Lending) Act, 2020 r/ w Section 19(d) of the Human Organ and Tissue Transplantation Act 1994 and the investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Further, the complaint claimed that she approached Dibrugarh Police in 2020 but received no assistance from the police.

In Vineet Bagaria suicide case also, a similar allegation was made against Dibrugarh police.

The father of the deceased, Kailash Bagaria, said he filed a written complaint with the police on July 1 and WhatsApped the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police on July 2 asking for protection for the family, but the police did not didn’t pay attention. to their complaint, and as a result, her only son died by suicide.

Chief Minister Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma said the police failed miserably, following which Dibrugarh police station Bularam Terong was transferred.

However, Dibrugarh SP Shwetank Mishra could not be contacted for information in this regard.

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