Congress criticizes ED indictment for naming its leaders, calls it a BJP political vendetta

Congress launched a counter-offensive against the BJP on Sunday, allegedly over leaks of an ED indictment against Rana Kapoor, the defendant in the Yes Bank fraud case.

Against the Law Enforcement Directorate (ED) indictment, senior congressional spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi called it a political vendetta and said “the government is jumping for joy because it suited his political purpose”.

Singhvi said: “It’s more disgusting that the government is relying on a transaction from 2010 and a statement from a person who is behind bars and has had 20-30 bail applications rejected. He is branded a master fraudster, and the government is jumping with glee because it suits their political motivation, they want the pot to boil for 2022 regarding a 2010 transaction, neither Murli Deora nor Ahmed Patel are here to deny that unfortunately.

He alleged that the government was playing through “selective leaks…”

“This is a way to pressure a person behind bars who wants their freedom to record statements against political opponents and boil a 12 year old thing just for the convenience of politics… “, he added.

The congressional spokesman said the facts were that the increase in lending in the Yes bank lending book had increased from 2014 to 2019. He asked if the government knew in 2014 that the lending in the Yes bank lending book was from Rs 55,000 crore in March 2014 but till March 2019, it increased 5 times to reach Rs 2.41 lakh crore.”

“It’s a political vendetta…at least spare the dead like Deora and Patel…” Singhvi added.

In its indictment filed in a Mumbai local court, the Law Enforcement Directorate (ED) said former Yes Bank Chairman Rana Kapoor paid Rs 2 crore for the painting of MF Husain and that the money was then used for the salary of the acting President of Congress, Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi. At New York.

The indictment read: “Kapoor was coerced by then Oil Minister Murli Deora into buying the painting from Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

“Deora went to Kapoor’s home and office several times to force him to buy the paintings,” the investigative agency said.

“Deora also messaged and called Kapoor in this regard on several occasions. Kapoor tried to avoid Deora’s call and did not respond to his messages. However, he bought the painting later. According to the instructions, Kapoor gave a check for Rs 2 crore to Milind Deora, the son of Murli Deora.”

Kapoor’s statements indicate that he was promised by Murli Deora that it would help him get Padma Bhushan. But it was never realized.

“The late Congress leader, Ahmed Patel, had also told him that since he (Kapoor) had helped Sonia Gandhi at the crucial moment, his name would be considered a Padma Bhushan.”

Kapoor had said in his statements that “it was a forced sale” and that he was never ready for it.

The second additional indictment was filed by ED against Kapoor, his family, DHFL promoters Kapil and Dheeraj Wadhwan.

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Posted: Sunday April 24th 2022, 5:18 PM IST

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