Congress Gujarat: Congress plans sops and ‘charge sheet’ to face rivals in Gujarat

Congress plans to unveil the promise of a mega-bundle of social welfare, including subsidized electricity, in election-time Gujarat to take on the state’s new challenger, the Aam Aadmi party, which is seeking to seduce the electorate with pre-election sops. He is also set to issue an “indictment” against the BJP for exploiting the ruling party’s accumulated burden in the state where he had his longest reign of 27 years so far.

Most of the roughly 60 incumbent congressional deputies are pending nomination, according to people familiar with the matter. The party’s central election committee is due to hold a meeting on Friday. Congress is also exploring limited alliances with parties such as the NCP and BTP.

AICC in charge of Gujarat Raghu Sharma, a former minister in the government of Rajasthan, indicated that the pre-election pledges of the Gujarat Congress will include many plans that the Ashok Gehlot government has executed. “The Congress in Gujarat will promise to implement what our party governments including in Rajasthan have already implemented effectively,” he said during a presser after the EC announced the timetable. elections in Gujarat.

These schemes include a revival of the old pension scheme, ₹10 lakh insurance policies for families, zero electricity bill for poor families and free power supply for farmers, ₹5 subsidy per liter of milk, an employment guarantee program for the urban poor. from MGNREG ACT, meals for ₹8 from the Indira Cooking Scheme, ₹3 lakh loan waiver for farmers and Mahatma Gandhi English Middle Schools for poor children.

Yet there are whispers in congressional circles that Rahul Gandhi has not launched a blitzkrieg in the state where the opposition party battled the BJP hard in 2017 polls – he addressed to a rally a few weeks ago. Although the Congress leadership shows Gandhi’s concern for the Bharat Jodo Yatra and claims that he could campaign in both Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh if needed, many wonder if Gandhi is not making a serial outings in election-related states betrays his reluctance to bite the bullet.

“Every political padayatra is in pursuit of electoral revival, and anyone who claims otherwise is not fooling anyone,” said a congressional official on condition of anonymity.

The election marks the first Congressional ballot management in many decades without the late Ahmed Patel.

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