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LUCKNOW: In another addition to the list of industrial development projects in the state, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has decided to provide 100 acres of land to at least 50 electric rickshaw manufacturers.
YEIDA officials said the Electric Vehicle City (EVC) project would be developed in Sector 28, just 4 km from the future Jewar Airport in Greater Noida. Authorities have asked for details of the manufacturers and the size of the land each manufacturer would need.
With the allocation of land to interested manufacturers, the units which are currently in Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan will be moved to one location. Manufacturers believe that once the units switch to UP, the facilities provided in the state under the electric vehicle policy would help reduce the cost of electric rickshaws.
The Electric Vehicle Manufacturers’ Welfare Trust, which was researching manufacturing units in Uttar Pradesh, said the land allocation would likely be completed within two months.
Speaking to TOI, Trust Chairman Jai Bhagwan Goel said that since the UP government provided better facilities than other states, manufacturers were ready to move their units to Uttar Pradesh.
“The manufacturing units are not in the same place. While some are in Delhi, others are in Haryana and Rajasthan. Likewise, the accessories associated with the manufacture of electric rickshaws are located in different places, ”he said.
“If the manufacturing units and accessories are in one place, the cost of electric rickshaws will go down. The maximum demand for electric rickshaws is also on the rise. The project will help sellers get electric rickshaws at a reasonable price, ”Goel added.
Owners of ancillary units will also be allocated land according to their needs.
Speaking to TOI, state Industry Minister Satish Mahana said a delegation of electric vehicle manufacturers had sought land to install units. “The government is considering other requests from manufacturers. This is a turnaround for UP in the last five years, industrialists come to the state looking for land to install units there, ”said Mahana.
The trust asked for details on the price of the land to be allotted, if a gas line and common facilities center were provided, how much time would be allowed to start production after the land was awarded and the tariff waived. electricity.
“The list of manufacturers and land requirements will be handed over to YEIDA CEO Arun Veer Singh in a few days,” Goel said.
As part of the electric vehicle policy, the UP government grants a 50% interest discount on the loan, which is borne by the state government. In addition to this, there is a 5% grant for research and development, full exemption from electricity taxes for the first 10 years, 90% discount on state GST, government support to the contingency fund of 200 employees and a 50% discount on stamp duty, among others.

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