Eligibility, benefits, loan amount, necessary documents and methods to apply

The last few decades have seen an increase in animal husbandry businesses across the country. Recently, the Department of Livestock and Dairy Products as well as the Ministry of Fisheries released the 20th Cattle Census Report. This report revealed that the livestock sector in the country is growing and developing rapidly. In light of these reports, central and state governments are taking important steps to further increase animal husbandry activity across the country.

The government recently introduced the “Pashu Kisan Credit Card” for pastoralists to increase animal husbandry activities across the country. In addition, it was decided by RBI to expand the KCC facility for a working capital requirement for livestock and fishing related activities.

Meanwhile, Haryana has become the first state in the country to obtain the Pashu Kisan credit card, Haryana Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Minister JP Dalal said on Friday, where the program credit card for farmers was launched to promote animal husbandry and agribusiness.

Benefits of the Pashu Kisan credit card program

If a breeder has a cow, he can take out a loan of up to Rs 40,783. While the Pashu Kisan credit card can be used for the loan of Rs 40,783 for a cow, the loan will be given to the breeder in 6 installments. equal each month to the base of the bank’s financial scale, ie 6797 per month. If for some reason the farmer is unable to obtain credit for one month, he can also take credit from the previous month for the following month.
In this way, in 6 months, the total amount of Rs 40,783 will now be returned with an annual interest of 4% within 1 year. This amount must be returned within one year with an annual interest of 4%. The time interval for the cardholder to repay the one-year amount will begin on the same day they receive the first payment.

How do I apply for a Pashu Kisan credit card?

To get a Pashu (animal) credit card, you need to go to the bank, where you can apply for it. The pet credit card system application form will be in the bank itself, with which many documents will need to be installed in KYC document, Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter ID, etc. . Other documents According to the bank’s request, the benefit of animal credit will be granted according to the financial weight of the animal. Like cows 40,783 per year buffaloes 60,249 per year sheep and goats 4063 per year pigs 16,337 per year.

Important documents for Pashu Kisan Credit Card

Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter card, bank account

Eligibility for a Pashu Kisan Credit Card:

The criteria for eligible beneficiaries under the KCC for breeding and fishing will be as follows:

  • Fishery: Inland fisheries and aquaculture: fishermen, fish farmers (individuals and groups / partners / sharecroppers / sharecroppers), self-help groups, joint responsibility groups and women’s groups. Beneficiaries must own or rent any of the fishing related activities such as pond, reservoir, open water bodies, raceway, hatchery, breeding unit, have a necessary license to fish farming and fishing related activities, and any other state specific fishing and related activities.

  • Sea fishings: beneficiaries listed above, who own or lease a registered fishing vessel / vessel, have the necessary fishing licenses / authorizations for fishing in the estuary and the sea, fish farming / mariculture activities in estuaries and in high seas and any other State specific fishing and related activities.

  • Poultry and small ruminantst: Farmers, poultry farmers either an individual or joint borrower, joint responsibility groups or self-help groups, including farmers who rent sheep / goats / pigs / poultry / birds / rabbits and have owned / rented / rented sheds .

  • Dairy: Farmers and dairy producers, individual or joint borrowers, joint responsibility groups or self-help groups, including sharecroppers who have owned / rented / rented sheds.

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