Expert: Suspension likely to follow Sean Miller to Xavier if NCAA charge against him holds up | Arizona Wildcats Basketball

Sean Miller was hired Saturday at Xavier, where he coached before coming to UA.

Rebecca Sasnett, 2020 Arizona Daily Star

If the NCAA charge against him in the still-outstanding Arizona infraction case holds up, Sean Miller will likely serve a 9-15 game suspension at the start of his second coaching stint at Xavier, according to an expert.

Hired on Saturday to return to Xavier, 11 months after Arizona fired him following years of FBI and NCAA investigations into its UA program, Miller still faces a Level I individual charge ( the most serious) for lack of responsibility as a head coach.

Any resulting penalties would follow Miller to his new school.

The NCAA Investigative Services (as of October 2020) and the Independent Accountability Resolution Process (as of October 2021) issued the same five Level I charges to Arizona. Three involved academic misconduct and improper recruiting inducements by two of Miller’s former assistants, Mark Phelps and Book Richardson; one was against Miller for not monitoring his assistants; and one against Arizona for lack of institutional control.

Under NCAA Rule, which affirms a standard of guilty until proven innocent, Miller will only be cleared of his charge if he can prove that he actively promoted and monitored compliance, and was cheated by his assistant coaches at the time.

If the IARP hearing panel decides Miller is in violation, Miller will likely receive a standard Level I individual sanction, according to Stu Brown, an Atlanta-based attorney who works with schools on violation cases. NCAA. According to the NCAA’s penalty matrix, a Tier I standard results in a 30% to 50% suspension of a season – or 9 to 15 games.

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