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Bajaj Housing Finance (BHFL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bajaj Finance, has revised the interest rate on its mortgage loans to 6.70% per year against 6.75% per year for salaried and professional applicants. Applicants with a good credit, income and employment profile can apply today and save significantly by taking advantage of this new interest rate. Customers with an existing home loan can also benefit from the new rate by opting for a home loan balance transfer.

Eligible applicants can transfer their mortgage balance amount to Bajaj Housing Finance and benefit from the reduced interest rate. The home loan balance transfer product comes with a top-up loan facility, where an applicant has the option of a large top-up loan of Rs 10 million or even more based on eligibility. The company offers a range of features and benefits of its products, many of which are tailored to customer requirements.

Bajaj Housing Finance Offers contactless loans, in which the whole process is virtually completed. Applicants only need to apply through its website, after which all coordination is done by phone or email.

Applicants with a good credit history and a good income and employment record may apply for a large loan amount from Rs. 50 millionor even more, basic eligibility.

With Bajaj Housing Finance, applicants have the opportunity to benefit from home loans when the the interest rate is linked to external benchmarks, such as the repo rate. Here they have a chance to benefit from regulatory tariff cuts.

HFC offers fast and hassle-free processing from start to finish. Not only do applicants benefit from minimal documentation, but they are also assured of unparalleled turnaround times. Once the loan application has been approved and verified, the the amount is paid in 48 hours.

Applicants may choose a tenor up to 30 years old when applying for a mortgage with Bajaj Housing Finance.

The lender is a Prime Lending Institute registered with the Central Nodal Agency. Thus, eligible candidates can benefit from a interest subsidy on their home loans under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana when you apply with Bajaj Housing Finance. Although the validity of the MIG I and II categories has not been extended, applicants can still benefit from the scheme through the LIG and EWS categories.

In accordance with RBI guidelines, individuals with home loans at floating interest rates can choose to repay either part of their loan or all of it before the end of their term no additional cost.

The lender has more than 5,000 projects approved. Applicants who buy properties under these get even faster processing, with a better chance of getting the best possible loan terms.

Bajaj Housing Finance clients also benefit from a online customer portal, where they can perform a number of tasks from the comfort of their own homes. You can quickly download statements, as well as complete transactions, without having to go to a branch.

The company’s shares were down Rs 148.65, or 1.94%, to trade at Rs 7,522.05. The total volume of shares traded was 39,350 at the BSE (2:37 p.m., Friday).

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