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Loan fees are a cause for concern.

Regarding the letters on borrowing costs (The Yorkshire Post, 25 August), the government recognizes that it must “build and maintain public confidence in the tax system”.

In the case of borrowing costs, the government said the Morse report removed any doubts as to its validity. No, this is not the case. The report had great sympathy for the impossible position facing the individuals.

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Taxpayers were victims. But the government was adamant that the principle that taxpayers were responsible for their taxes was paramount, so Sir Amyas Morse could not lay the blame elsewhere.

About the principles; there is one that says laws – especially tax laws – cannot be retroactive. On the one hand, the Government insists on the principle that taxpayers are fully responsible for their taxes.

On the other hand, he persists in saying that borrowing costs are not retrospective, although they clearly are.

With two faces? The government recognizes that it must earn the trust of the public. So why does he persist in justifying the burden of the loan? This is probably the top of the list of things that destroy public confidence in the tax system.

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