‘Mera Gold Loan, Mera Interest*’ – Choose your interest rate on your Gold Loan only with Muthoot FinCorp

Muthoot FinCorp, a pioneer in gold lending in India, has introduced another innovative program, “Mera Gold Loan, Mera Interest*”. The program is designed to help clients better plan their finances and improve their livelihoods. Customers can now exercise their freedom in choosing the interest rate for their gold loan.

The company began operations in 1887 and has always worked to help the common man improve his financial well-being. They have worked to make getting a loan quick and easy. Today, customers can get a gold loan approved instantly, without a credit check or proof of income. Under Muthoot FinCorp’s new program, clients will benefit from faster processing and approvals, as well as flexible repayment terms when apply for a gold loan. The company offers many gold loan programs to meet different financial needs. These range from medical emergencies, business investments, weddings, travel plans to school fees, etc.

Any borrower between 18 years old (when applying for the loan) and 65 years old (when the term ends) can get the gold loan ranging from INR 1500 to 50 lacs approved instantly. Walk into a Muthoot FinCorp branch near you to get the loan. Don’t forget to carry KYC documents. A customer service representative will help you pawn the gold and get out of the branch with instant money in less than 10 minutes – this is subject to terms and conditions. There is no need for multiple visits and a borrower can apply for multiple loans. Consider nominal processing fees when pledging gold.

Muthoot FinCorp is a popular NBFC with people from different sections of society. Customers don’t have to worry about their gold. The company uses high-end, maximum-security, wholly-owned facilities to store the gold, not a third-party locker. If you’re facing a financial crisis, it’s time to head to a Muthoot FinCorp near you and get the loan to meet your unique financial needs.

About Muthoot FinCorp: It is the flagship company of the Muthoot Pappachan or Muthoot Blue group. They have taken over 134 years of heritage to empower millions of Indians. Inherited values ​​and principles enable them to serve 100,000 customers a day through a range of financial products and services. Apart from Gold Loan, other NBFC offerings include Small Business Loans, Two-wheeler Loans, Used Car Loans, Affordable Housing Loans, Foreign Currency, International Remittances, domestic money transfers, insurance products and services, wealth management services and more. Each branch of the company is similar to a financial supermarket, allowing customer service representatives to help each customer meet their needs under one roof.

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