Peter Navarro is crowdfunding online to fight his contempt of Congress charge, saying it could end up being ‘a million dollar defense’

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro is raising money online to pay for his impending legal battle.

Navarratweeted Thursday that he hoped his followers would visit his fundraising site, which he described as having a “cool new URL.”

“Try to break the $150,000 threshold and you can help make that difference. It’ll probably be a million dollar defense by the time it’s all over,” Navarro wrote.

Navarro was indicted in June for contempt of Congress after he illegally defied a subpoena to turn over information to the House panel investigating the Capitol riot.

Navarro said in June he faced “a number of hurdles” when it came to hiring lawyers. At the time, he indicated in a court appearance that he could represent himself, saying: “I don’t want to spend my retirement savings on lawyers.”

At press time, Navarro’s fundraising page for his legal defense fund had raised nearly $150,000 and was less than $2,000 short of the former Trump adviser’s original goal. . The target set for Navarro is now $250,000, with recommendations to people “please send $10, $25, $50 or more”.

Navarro’s page also says he would send people who give him $100 or more a free copy of his book, “Taking Back Trump’s America,” which comes with a signed bookplate.

Comments left by donors on Navarro’s fundraising page appeared supportive, with one donor saying he admired his “tenacity”.

According to the page, Navarro hopes people will give whatever they can afford to help him “continue to defend the Constitution and his Commander-in-Chief.” The page also describes him as “a brave and dedicated American patriot who deserves a medal for his distinguished public service in the White House.”

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