Sir Graham Brady joins 113 MPs in open letter protesting Prime Minister loan fees


The influential chairman of a powerful Tory backbench committee has become the 114th MP to add his name to a letter calling on Boris Johnson to “finally” write off the loan fees as unfair.

Sir Graham Brady, newly re-elected as chair of the 1922 committee, signed his name on the open letter last night, calling on the Prime Minister to “resolve” HMRC policy “once and for all”.

‘New information’

Also addressed to the Chancellor, the letter alerts the Prime Minister to “new information” which has come to light thanks to freedom of information disclosures and which, according to its 114 authors, “underscore the injustice” of the prosecution.

Veteran Conservative Sir Graham adding his name to it, along with the names of MPs from all major parties, coincides with Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, saying last week he would “eliminate the problem and reconsider it”.

Already associated with the suicides of seven people, the loan burden duly enforced by HMRC will result in “thousands of bankruptcies” and “for many” individuals “prevent them from working again or paying taxes.”

“Consider all the options”

Outright critic of coronavirus lockdowns, so known to be a thorn in the Prime Minister’s side, Sir Graham and his 113 co-signers further tell Mr Johnson in the letter:

“We urge you to finally accept that the loan fees are not fair and to consider all options to solve this problem, in a fair and practical way, once and for all, to end this nightmare for tens of thousands of people. British families “.

Steve Packham, founder of lobbyist turned support group LCAG, said: ‘It is great news that 1922 committee chairman Sir Graham Brady has signed this important open letter to the Prime Minister and Chancellor about the scandal. loan fees.

“This shows the level of concern of Conservative backbenchers over loan fees and the impact this will have on thousands of families.”

“What the law was at the time”

Last night Mr Packham told ContractorUK that if the Labor leadership had backed MP David Davis’ key loan fee amendment last year, the government would have been defeated.

Now, sparking new hope that the party leader could add his name to the 114 MPs pushing to drop the charge, Sir Keir told LBC: Faith. “

Former head of the Crown Prosecution Service, the MP for Holborn and St Pancras also told the radio that he would respond to a voter who contacted him about the loan fees – Keith Gordon, a leading tax lawyer who criticizes the HMRC Policy.

“Other suicides are likely”

Sir Keir said Mr Gordon was “absolutely right” about the unfairness of the loan fees, after the lawyer was cited on the program by saying that the Labor leader (among others) should “scream from the rooftops” about his injustice.

Mr Packham of LCAG agrees. “It is clear that borrowing costs remain a real concern in Parliament,” he said. “We hope that even more MEPs will sign this letter and continue to press for a fair resolution of this injustice in order to avoid the inevitable bankruptcies and other suicides that are otherwise likely. “


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